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Friday, 22 October 2010

Playing with Paper

I have been working on a Uni project - Form and Function ( playing with paper really!) All great fun. This has been the best week so far, I feel more comfortable making things.
I made a load of samples (a few are below) and experimented with different card and papers before deciding to make a corset!

I got there in the end after much PVA glue, Bostik and masking tape!

The corset is made from old music glued onto corrugated card with scrunched up white tissue paper pasted over the music. This was then folded like a fan then glued into position.
I used a dummy model to make a paper pattern then used the pattern to cut out the pieces for the corset.
It is held together with wide tape and strong glue.
I made small holes in the back then used gold rivets to cover over the edges of the holes, I then laced the back up with a gold cord. (sorry no picture of this)

The final piece is decorated with painted paper doillies and music printed onto acetate sheets, treated with a heat gun and burning tool. I rolled up some of the acetate sheets, glued them and cut them into circular shapes to add to the embellishment.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

I have done a bit more work on my Sketch Book Project Pages in between my University work and study.
I also have to keep
a Journal that I have to carry with me to record ideas, thoughts, interesting things etc. I've made a good start to it and just need to remeber to carry it around with me.

Here are some more pages of my Sketch Book Project -
"It Must Be... Time for Tea."