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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

New from Old Jewellery

It's been a busy last few weeks but I'm finally getting round to my blog again. The lastest project is the last one of 1st year. I can't believe that I've completed my 1st year at Art College. Just the assessments and results to go now.

I chose a Craft and Design project for my last option. I had ten and a half days to complete it. It involved making something new from something old. There were a various themes to choose from: performance, atmosphere, statement, ornamentation and the oportunity to make a garment, accessory, jewellery or a soft furnishing.

It's always the same at the start of a project, I have a million ideas flying around in my head and start to panic a bit as well as become excited. I thought the best way forward for me was to look around for something old that could be transformed. I had it in my head that I would like to create some kind of soft furnishing. I also thought that I would like to create some accessories too, but what theme could I choose?

After searching through every charity shop in Broughty Ferry, I came across some lovely angora/wool knitwear. My ideas were on the move again and I instantly thought about felting the knitwear to create a new material. I found a tweed skirt in a similar colour and another tartan patterned skirt all of which I bought. I was considering cushions and a throw at this point, soft, warm and comfy.

Back home to make felt! I first of all picked the knitwear apart and did a few experiments in the washing machine with it.

Back at college with all my materials and after going over the brief with the tutors I reconsidered my idea and decided to try to develop some accessories.

Lots of research, drawing, sampling and experimentation later my statement jewellery and a accessories designs were finished.

Finally a call out for help from one of my nieces to model for me and "Hey Presto" one finished project!

The "Spirit of Angora" Collection