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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Tom's Miniature Garden

This is Tom's Miniature Garden. He made it for the Dundee Flower Show which has been on all weekend in Camperdown Park. He spent hours on it getting it just right. He got a wee bit of help with planning from me and help to make the box from his dad.
It was all worth the effort as he won 1st prize and two trophies for his entry not to mention £15 in cash!

A close up of the vegetable plot

The Sundial.

The Fish Pond.


  1. Tom this is absolutley awesome ~ what a star :) I love it all the vegetable patch is amazing and I love the sundial and especially the cat watching the gold fish, brilliant!

    Got your message Sheila ~ yeeehhhh! Will try and finish the love hearts before next class, hope you have a good week ~ Judy x

  2. It's fab Sheila - what imagination! Just beautiful. I'm envious of his talent. Tell Tom how proud we are of him. Jill

  3. Fantastic Tom...so well done. I love the fish pond and the sun dial...so imaginative.

  4. Sheila I love your textile samples further down the page. Thought I'd leave a comment here so that you see it :o)


  5. Carolyn, thank you for looking at my blog and the comment.

  6. Superb garden - well done Tom. Keep up the creative work. Pixie x


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