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Friday, 30 October 2009

Jam Making Developments

I thought this strawberry was so sweet.
One of the last ones in my garden this year.

This is one of my Mum's Jam recipes from when I was a child.
Reading the handwriting brings memories of my Mum flooding back.
I have kept them for several years hoping that one day I would use them!

I am happy to be developing ideas from my Mum's hand written recipes in my college project.

One of my developments from my Jam Making.
Maybe it'll be a Jam pot cover.

One of the stawberries I have been working on.

Another development from the jam recipes.
I am pleased with the mini strawberry.
I have been tryng out machine embroidery and I am quite surprised with the results.

More to come on this project!


  1. Hi Sheila, love the jam pot cover and the strawberries look good enough to eat, how are the felt ones coming on??

  2. Hi Judy
    Thank you! The felted jam pot cover looks good and I will put it on my blog to show you.

  3. Your strawberry pieces are all gorgeous Sheila. How is college going? Are you snowed in?

    Thinking of you all up there

    Carolyn (St. Ives, Cornwall)

  4. I love this picture of the strawberry on embroidered hand writing


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