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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Jewellery Design Project

What is my GOLD?
This was the title for my latest 2 week project at Art C
ollege. I decided that my Gold was my life and time. I enjoyed using old clock bits and pieces, using Photoshop to enhance my photos and digital clock bits & pieces to develop my research into what my designs could look like.
Here are some of my sample design ideas.
I like the idea of having a snooze button, a rewind button and a pause button in my life. I like the fun side to this as well as the more thought provoking meaning.
If I decide to go on to study jewellery design in second year I would like to take these design ideas further and create wearable pieces.
I've got a 2 week textile project, then another 2 week jewellery project then I put forward my request for my study option for 2nd year. How time flies!


  1. AWSOME!!!!! these are sooooooo cool!

  2. Your work opens up to me what art is. its not just about drawing and painting. Fantastic


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