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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Jam Recipe Apron

This is the last "Artefact" for my college project on memories -

the Jam Recipe Apron.

I am pleased with the end result and even more pleased that I have a great model.

I hope Aprons will become more popular again. I don't want this one to get used just yet -I need to pass the college project first!


  1. Your model makes the apron look very glamerous! I am sure it will help to make aprons more popular again. I always remember my mum wearing a "pinny" and really I don't know why we don't wear them any more ... I'm the most terrible for getting my cooking and eating all down myself! Your pinny is far too nice to wear really ... you are sure to pass Sheila ... hope it's going well and say "hi" to Judy for me

    Carolyn x

  2. oooh its so pretty! im telling you she needs some strawberry undies....i mean for the catwalk!

  3. Hello Sheila its briliant and very pretty ~ ofcourse you will pass ~ now what about these strawberry undies :)

  4. Wow - what a sexy apron! Sounds like a new US TV series to rival 'Sex in the City' - 'Sexy in the Kitchen.' Love the materials and design.


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